We are three film photographers with a taste for the experimental, here you can read a little more about each one of us.

Alec Pain

Alec Pain returned to film photography in 2019.

Jessica Kosmak

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Flavia Fontana Giusti

Flavia went back to photographing on film in 2021, at the end of a self-inflicted challenge to make a self-portrait every day for an entire month, and she hasn’t looked back.

Her work focuses on portraiture, of herself, of her family, and of random strangers she meets on her weekly walks.

She’s fully drawn to experimental techniques, especially those that manipulate light, whether it’s a single lightbulb, a color gel, a harsh strobe or a simply a mirror by the window at 9am, she’s there to get it on film.

Flavia is based in Madison Wisconsin, but has roots in France and Italy, and can be found on the old continent pretty often.