The past is a foreign country

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there” The Go-Between, L.P. Hartley There’s something incredibly rewarding about spending some time with your “old” family, especially in a foreign country and without the in-laws/partners. The past and the present are somehow merged, new family memories are formed which are separate from your “current” […]

Fashion… turn to the left…

Ferrania Solaris FG Plus 200 expired film from around 2007 There’s nothing like wandering around an empty shopping centre – in this case, Oxford’s Westgate Shopping Centre – and taking pictures of neon lights and shop signs and then winding the film back and shooting over the top of them. There were plenty of shop signs […]

His expansive mind

His expansive mind Moritz on Kodak Vision3 500T, inspired by Dan Winters’s portraiture This time with Alec and Jess we loosely discussed the idea to photograph portraits of loved ones. Interestingly enough, it coincided with the FIND lab’s monthly challenge to be inspired by Dan Winters’s  body of work, his iconic portraiture, and that look […]

The pale residue

I was disappointed at first. The pictures came out slightly off-focus – the window frames were pin-sharp and I’d forgotten to move the camera to the right slightly. I’d not done what I’d aimed for: to somehow make it look like I was being transported from the back room to outside whilst actually remaining outside. […]

All the things that are hard to do

I don’t like self-portraits. I should clarify; I don’t like deliberately setting out to to be the star of my own show. Even though I usually like the results. I sometimes even like the process. But the pre-game show of setting myself up to do these portrait sessions crushes every grain of confidence I have […]

Pearls, tears, nothing more

Self-portraits on KodacolorVR1000 expired in 1985Flavia Our theme for this inaugural roll of film was Self-portraits. Because it was 37 years expired, I followed to one stop per decade rule, and rated this film at 50. The inspiration behind this series was the poem by Paul Verlaine “Il pleure dans mon coeur comme il pleut […]